Australia’s Housing Supply

A home when you need

There are a lot of reasons that you may find yourself with nowhere to go and a friend’s couch or a car is not a sustainable option. Your relationship breaks down. You’ve been made redundant at work. You’ve been kicked out for being gay by a homophobic landlord.

Never get caught without somewhere to live

Suddenly being without a home can happen to any of us and that’s why social housing services are so important.

We all deserve to be helped up if we find ourselves falling.

But successive Liberal/National and Labor governments have strangled and cut our social housing supply, leaving many people without a secure home and stuck on waiting lists for years.

“There is a shortfall of at least 500,000 affordable homes in Australia. The Greens are the only party planning to build new supply to meet it.”

Stable and affordable housing when we need it most

Australia’s social housing sector is small, making up less than 5% of homes. In many progressive European countries, social housing makes up between 10%-30%. Expanding our social housing sector is the key to ensuring we all have a home.

Join Our Campaign

Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community. Stand with us to make this a reality.

The Greens Plan to fix housing will:

Build 500,000 homes

To meet the current shortfall in affordable homes and guarantee quality homes for over a million people

Establish a Federal Housing Trust

To build the 500,000 homes over 15 years and give all people on a low to moderate income the chance to rent or buy a Federal Housing Trust home

Save Energy

Invest $5.3 billion dollars per year into building homes that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

Put people first

Support non-profit housing providers to build new homes that put people’s needs above profit

Everyone needs a home

Sign our petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community. We need to end unfair tax breaks, protect renters, invest in social housing and end homelessness.