Levelling the playing field

Helping first home buyers

Unfair rules for wealthy people have locked generations of Australians out of a place to call their own.

The Government has intentionally rigged the tax system to favour the very rich who have numerous investment properties.  

“9 out of 10 Australians are being left behind by a system that only helps the very rich get richer.”

Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax discounts have driven house prices sky high, making it easier for wealthy people to buy more homes and harder for first home buyers.

Stamp duty raises the price of housing and stops people from moving house, even when they’re ready to downsize.

Wages have only increased slightly over the last 20 years, yet home prices have increased astronomically. A limited supply of affordable homes combined with subsidies for wealthy people buying multiple homes has created inequality right across Australia.

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Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community. Stand with us to make this a reality.

The Greens Plan will:

Get wealthy investors out of our homes

Phase out Negative Gearing for investors with two or more properties to put homes back onto the market for young people

End Negative Gearing

Remove the option of Negative Gearing on future house sales to make way for more first home buyers

Remove Capital Gains Tax Discount

The Capital Gains Tax Discount will be phased out over five years by 10% each year

Replacing Stamp Duty

The Federal Government will support state governments to replace Stamp Duty with a broad-based land tax, freeing up homes for growing families by penalising investors for leaving properties vacant

Everyone needs a home

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Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community. We need to end unfair tax breaks, protect renters, invest in social housing and end homelessness.